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WHY SHOULD I PLAY FOR Coquí Volleyball?






1. We teach life lessons first.

2. We measure our success by our players’ success at the next level.

3. We focus on a competitive atmosphere.

4. We make sure our coaches and staff members are properly trained and have experience with the sport.


The question isn’t “Why Should I play for Coquí Volleyball”?

The question is “Why am I not playing for Coquí Volleyball”?!?!

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Mission Statement








Where every player counts. Coquí Volleyball Club believes all players are equally important and valuable and will treat all players accordingly.

Training the whole player. Coquí Volleyball believes in training the “whole” player; that is not only training players in the fundamentals and strategies of the game, but also training players to be determined, disciplined, passionate, and morally strong student athletes. We will not only build high school ready and college ready players, but functioning members of society.

Bringing volleyball to you and you to volleyball.  Coquí Volleyball believes in good sportsmanship and competitiveness from the coaches and staff down to the players. We believe in continual growth for both our players as well as our staff. We believe that part of its mission is to help bring more student athletes of various backgrounds and skill levels to club volleyball and teach them how to be successful in the sport.

What makes playing at Coquí Volleyball Club Special? It’s Simple!







Choosing who is allowed to spend time with your daughters should never be decided hastily. We challenge the player and always remember to mentor the individual.

Our training program is centralized, created by our college coach and then implemented by trained staff.

Skill without character will always fall short of excellence.

Everything is Earned not given.

Coqui Volleyball Original Song

Coach Gabe

Club Director

Phone: 917-328-3362